Dunigan: Working for a better Clay County

By Betty Lee

Vanessa Dunigan is no stranger to hard work and community involvement.  With major community support coming through her group Deliciously Vivid, her name is known for uplifting, beautifying, and striving to make Clay County the best that it can be.

Her most recent venture, the HUB, is underway, and she is excited for the new opportunities to serve Clay County and focus on the good in the town.  With her constant drive to improve the area and uplift community members, it’s no surprise that citizens have urged her to run for the County Commissioners office.

Dunigan believes that the times are changing for the better in Clay County.  She wants different and better things for her community and believes she can provide truth and understanding to citizens who may feel scorned or neglected by past politicians.

“I am not perfect, but I’m not afraid to ask questions, promote change, and ask the community for suggestions,” says Dunigan.

Vanessa realizes change doesn’t happen automatically, but just with her work with the Deliciously Vivid group she feels that there are definitely positive changes being made in the town that she loves.

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