Memorial Park Completion at a Standstill

By Betty Gandee

When tragedy strikes in any form, Clay County community members will always come together for one another.  Over a year ago three small children lost their lives in a house fire.  The home of Trevor and Katie Neff, foster parents to these children, was lost in the fire.  The property where the home set was donated by the couple to construct a memorial park in honor of the children.

Go Fund Me accounts were started to get the construction of the Unicorn Park underway.  Recent pictures of the process have many mixed feelings on how the funds are being handled and the time that the construction is taking.  Funds of about $9,000 were donated and many are starting to ask questions.

Trevor and Katie Neff, along with Megan Cole, started this fundraising process and both issued statements on social media after the backlash.  Trevor and Katie said, “Yes, it has taken quite a while to get things started and is no where near finished.” The plan is to paint a mural on the wall, have mulch put in, a hand rail added, stairs, playground equipment, and fountains. The Neff’s and Katie’s parents have been the ones helping in the construction process.  The dozing was just completed a month ago and the weather has been far from corporative.

With the warmer weather, kids out of school, people at home, now would be a good time to reach out and get this park finished for Clay County youth to enjoy.  So lend a helping hand and offer some assistance to getting this completed for all to enjoy.

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