Active military banner project underway

By Betty Gandee

An example of an active military recognition banner. Each one costs $60.

As you drive through town, you can see the proud support of the Clay County High School graduating class of 2020.  Banners are hung proudly all over Clay, showing recognition to the students for their hard work and dedication.

Deliciously Vivid had suggestions to also honor Clay County’s military with the same sort of banners.  This idea was brought to the attention of the group and Vanessa Dunigan jumped into action to make it happen. This project is to hang full color banners displaying the photos, names, and branch of military of each individual that is actively serving in the military.

The group is looking for donations to help fund this project, along with looking for at least 20 participants.  If you wish to donate you can mail donations to 3086 Procious Maysel Rd., Maysel, WV 25133 or make a deposit at either Clay County Bank location. Each banner costs $60.00 any donation is greatly appreciated.

To get a banner to recognize an active member of the military, contact Vanessa via Facebook or by emailing

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