Mustangs play historic short game

Noah Collins looking for the extra points. Allen Hamrick photo.

The CCMS Mustangs opened their season Thursday night on the road against the historically tough Braxton Knights.

A meeting between these two teams will always bring out the best in each team, and that fact will always give the fans some good, all-out football action.

However, this meeting of the teams would prove epic.  Out of the chute, the Knights came out on their first set of downs and got on the board with a nice pass down the side lines. The Mustangs came right back with one of their own, and within a couple minutes, both teams were on the board. It looked as if the game would be a barn burner. Then, the night went in to the twilight zone as the Knights suddenly became as though they were not there.  The Mustangs kicked off, got the ball back and never looked back.  The Mustangs scored at will against the Knights as if the defense was nonexistent.

Defensively, the Mustangs had little to do; the Knight offense suddenly had no football compass, and the Mustangs destroyed them.  Not sure what happened that evening but this writer had never seen a game end the way this one did.  At the half the score stood 44-6, Mustangs.  The Knights coach parlayed with the head referee in the middle of the field and asked for Coach Krajeski.  It was Appomattox all over again.  The Knights coach handed Coach Krajeski the white towel and surrendered the flag. Coach Krajeski accepted the terms, and the game was called at the half.  It was announced the game was over much to the surprise of every fan in the stands.  It was indeed historic as it will go down in the books as the shortest game the Mustangs have ever played.  After scoring the first score of the game, the Knights never could get that football fever pitch that they are noted for.

Mustang defense was getting the job done. Allen Hamrick photo.

Braxton football has always been a tough game for the Mustangs and the Panthers and is always a great rivalry.  This is not to take away from the Mustangs, they put on a defense and offensive clinic against the Knights.  They have a deep bench and won’t miss a step if someone gets hurt.  They have a great offensive and defensive line as witnessed by the holes they opened for the runners.  At last tally, Mustang running back BJ Williams had six TD’s.  Mustang offense just picked apart the Knight defense, opening holes in the Knight line big enough for an elephant to get through.  It was a good game, the Mustangs had a few bobbles during the game that were easily remedied.  If the Mustangs get all the bugs out as the season rolls on, I’m not sure if there is any team that will even give them a game.  They have a couple of games coming up that will test them and their mettle.

Summersville will be the next on the chopping block for the Mustangs, then Roane.  Whoever plays the Mustangs will have to bring their A game defensively and offensively to win. These will be games you won’t want to miss.  If they continue to play well, the Mustangs will retain the CWVAC championship trophy and keep it where it belongs in the halls of CCMS.  There is, however, a lot of games to play and as we saw, anything can happen.  Go Mustangs!

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