Property Transfers – 9.25.13

Property Transfers: 9/10/13, Janette Keaton to Georginia Wiseman, Union District, 19.5 Acres 9/10/13, Mary Rogers.

Property Transfers – September 11, 2013

8/26/13, Michael Walls to Gillian Frye, Henry District, 10.733 Acres 8/26/13, Michael Walls to Gillian.

Property Transfers – September 4th, 2013

Property Transfers: 8/20/13, Doy & Mary Sue Hannah to John McCumbers, Otter District, 4.68 Acres.

Property Transfers:

8/15/13, Joseph Ferrell to Amanda Louise Clark, Union District, .39 Acres

Property Transfers

7/24/13, Sue Ferrebee to Frank & Connie Kerr, Henry District, 1.37 Acres 7/24/13, Sue Ferrebee.

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