Last week I heard a segment on the radio about a man who spent his life looking for Bigfoot.

He believed Sasquatch was the last of a giant ape species. He walked around the Pacific Northwest with a high powered rifle, looking for Bigfoot (“Look, my life’s work is vindicated! Bigfoot exists! Kill him!”). People claim to have seen Mothman, Bigfoot, or the chupacabra, but I sure never have. These creatures don’t interest me much,  but there are others I tracked for years, but seldom seen for myself. The signs are everywhere, and when I’m sure I found one, they just deny it and think I’m crazy. I’ll tell you about the five I’m searching for.

The first, and maybe the most elusive is the lost person. There are many people who don’t have any idea about religion, but I rarely hear someone who will frankly say that they don’t know Christ and are going to Hell.

I’ve never talked to a fool. Even when I know I’ve spotted a fool, they have convinced themselves the world is against them, or they have some ninja like street-smarts. They aren’t foolish, just 25 moves ahead of everyone else. But, even these people admit foolishness and fools abound everywhere, they just aren’t one.

I’ve never talked to a weak Christian. Not in the bench pressing sense, but in the Romans 13 sense. Paul said some brethren were weak in their faith, not able to partake of lawful activities because their faith wasn’t strong. Everyone is the strong brother, in their own mind.

The bitter person is truly hard to find. The signs are very easy to see, but when I think I’ve discovered a rare find, and talk to someone where the root of bitterness has grown deep in the heart, they proceed to tell me why they do well to be angry and retell every last detail.

The legalist (sometimes called a Pharisee) is a truly obscure and seldom seen species. I’ve hear of their great numbers, and the danger they pose, but I’ve never actually talked to one. Even those who try to keep the law to earn favor with God say they do it because they love him, and often deny what they say they believe.

One of two things are happening. I either am not very good at spotting the signs of these groups, or we all could stand to get in front of a good spiritual mirror. Truth is, these people do exists and in high numbers. We are just too blind to see it in ourselves. We lie to ourselves (Jeremiah 17:9). We justify our sinful behavior and dismiss our failures. But how can there be healing and forgiveness if we refuse to admit the plain facts? Isn’t it better to know the painful truth and be forgiven than to lie to ourselves, keep up our self-esteem, and remain in darkness? Jesus came to save the sinner. Don’t deny the truth, confess and find mercy with Jesus.