CES Communities in Schools Facilitator Jeff Krauklis emcees the first nine weeks Race to Perfect Attendance event. Thirty-five students won Hot Wheels cars to participate in the race.
Winners of the six races held (l to r): Jaxon Coulter (1st Grade); Zaiah Minger (5th Grade); Jayda Pappas (5th Grade); Sadie Bird (1st Grade); Charlie Grether (Kindergarten); and Owen Rose (4th Grade).

Perfect attendance is a priority at Clay Elementary. While the school has a long-standing tradition of rewarding students with perfect attendance with ice cream sundaes at the end of each nine weeks, this year the rewards have gotten even sweeter.

Jeff Krauklis, retired educator and former Assistant Superintendent of Clay County Schools, has taken on a new role at Clay Elementary this school year and implemented an initiative to encourage students to attend school every day.  As the Community in Schools Facilitator, Mr. Krauklis works with administration and staff to provide supports and resources for students.  One of his goals for this year:  increase consistent attendance among students.

Overall winner of the first nine weeks Race to Perfect Attendance at Clay Elementary: First grader, Jaxon Coulter, pictured with Mr. Jeff Krauklis, CES Community in Schools Facilitator.

With his Race to Perfect Attendance plan, Mr. Krauklis has engaged students in tracking their own attendance and has made coming to school even more fun for them.  Every student with perfect attendance during the nine weeks is eligible to win a Hot Wheels car through a daily random drawing.  By the end of the first nine weeks, 35 students had won cars.  Six races were held during the perfect attendance celebration.  Every student participating in the race received a prize, and the final winner won a trophy.

As of Nov. 18, there were 170  students at Clay Elementary with perfect attendance.