Jas 5:16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

In this short passage of Scripture, the writer is setting forth before us something that is extremely important. There are those that believe that God just doesn’t answer prayer anymore. Others think that as long as they are sincere and have a need, God will answer and meet the need.

Referring back to the Scripture above, we are assured that a prayer made according to what is set forth will be answered. The Scripture says it will avail much. Before we get to the availing part, let’s look at a few conditions found in this Scripture. Effectual means that which is accurate or in line with God and His Word. Secondly, the word fervent means a prayer that is marked by zeal, hot or strained.

Next, let us look at the phrase righteous man. A righteous man is one who is standing in an ongoing relationship with God. A righteous man is one who is wholly dependent on God and doing his best to be what God has called him to be.

Let me add something further. For a prayer to be effectual, it must be one which identifies with the will and Word of God. If it is part of His plan for you, and His will is alive in your heart, then you can release faith when you pray knowing that God will answer your prayer. It may not be according to your perception of what you need, but it will be according to God’s will for you. Sometimes what we want and pray for is not what we need.

As an example: you may want a motor home that costs, let’s say, $125,000. Can God supply that? Certainly. Will He? Think about this. Add to that desire an healthy insurance payment, maintenance costs and so forth. It may be that if God granted you that request, you might get full of pride and arrogance will sit on your shoulder. Sometimes what we want is not what we need. Set your desire before God and let Him use His wisdom to decide what your need is. His wisdom is far greater than our perception. He loves you and His Word stands, unchanging. Rejoice and be glad.