The following Big Otter Elementary students have been chosen as Students of the Month for December 2018.

These students show excellence in their school work, have good attendance, high achievement, and are overall exceptional students!  Congratulations!



Ms. Paxton – Skylar Grose

Mrs. Christian – Charles Wheeler

Mrs. Marks – Jace Morgan



Ms. Dorsey – Wesley Smith

Mrs. Collins – Sophia Boggs


1st Grade:

Ms. Jarvis – Maci Burnside


2nd Grade:

Ms. Douglas – Miranda Morris

Mrs. Knopp – Alex Jennings


3rd Grade:

Mrs. Underwood – Lathan Brown

Ms. McKinney – Jacob Elkins


4th Grade:

Mr. Vaughan – Brayden Cadle

Mrs. Burns – Devin Boggs


5th Grade:

Mrs. Helmick – Evan Bass

Mrs. Chapman – Elijah Lough