The bats are idle now but soon…. Allen Hamrick photo.
Don’t forget the many riding and hiking trails. Allen Hamrick photo.
The streams will be ready for fishing. Allen Hamrick photo.

With winter blues still hanging on by a thread, the ideas of mowing grass, weed eating, planting and dodging yellow jackets are a welcome thought; well, sort of.

These are not the only things to look forward to as spring rolls into the county.  The scents of fresh cut grass and fresh tilled dirt teasing the nostrils can only mean one thing – spring sports will return.  Yes, break out the cleats and sunflower seeds, oil up the glove and get a crew cut, baseball and softball will soon be getting underway in Clay County. Track is also heating up, and it promises to be a great season now that many of the athletes are veterans and know the ropes of what it takes.  Hotdogs will be bubbling in the pot and smack talk echoing through the dugouts.

The Panthers look  loaded this year with some good arms to bring the heat from the hill.  They will definitely have some speed for the bases and some big gloves in the field.  It looks like all opportunity is there for a great season. The Lady Panthers will also have some pitchers who have been working in the off season and some big hitters to fill the bases. It will be interesting to see how this season plays out for the Panthers and Lady Panthers; it should be an exciting one.

The Panther track team will have a stacked team this year to compete in the different events.  There will be some 25 -35 students who are vying for the different spots on the team with some new faces possibly filling some of the voids.   The Panthers will be able to compete this year with the big dogs of track and field, let’s support them as they do.

CCMS will also bring back their powerhouse baseball and softball teams and will get started cracking bats soon.  The Mustang baseball team, under the direction of the new coach JC Osborne, will be coming off a good season from last year as will the Lady Mustang softball team under coach Billy Varney; both the teams are loaded with talent and ready to prove it.  Spring is in the air, and sports will soon be in full swing.

Not only will school sports be humming, but  the wild, wonderful West Virginia we live in is the place to be with all of its untamed rivers and streams full of fish, mountainous beauty with all the charm and grace of a kingdom, forgotten wildernesses to rediscover, and trails teeming with rich history. It is the call of the wild to get out and enjoy the time that’s given us in this great state.  You owe it to yourself and this county to take advantage of the opportunities to partake of the other sports in this county – hiking, fishing, kayaking, and biking.  Don’t forget the new rail trail ride at Dundon that will begin operation soon.  The trout are stocked, and the only way to get to the good ones is to stretch your legs to travel  to the remote honey holes.  Trout are biting and the trails are waiting. Get out and enjoy and don’t forget the bait or your camera.