By: Betty Gandee

Three years ago, in June 2016, rain poured through the night, leaving many in the morning light feeling helpless, lost, and not knowing where to turn.

Floodwaters ripped through our area and many surrounding communities. This flood will forever be remembered as one of the most impactful natural disasters in our area. Hundreds and thousands left without power, water, or phone for weeks and months to come.

Roadways were washed away, bridges were gone, and impassable situations left residents stranded with no way out for days to follow.  The emergency departments were left feeling helpless as calls poured in with no way to immediately assist. The following weeks were something to see, as not only local community members showed up to help their neighbors, but help from all over the United States arrived.  From shelters to food and everything in between, the cleanup effort was in full swing as soon as crews were able to get going.

Churches, fire stations, schools, and numerous community organizations including the National Guard and U.S. Army came to aide in relief efforts.  Several drop off sites were established, with Clay County High School being one of those main points of contact, for those in need to come and gather much needed supplies.

Church members commuting on side by sides and ATV’s could be seen delivering warm meals multiple times daily on unpassable roads.  The outpouring of support and love will always be remembered, on how the town helped one another, came together as one and rebuilt what they could.   Some moved on, others rebuilt, but we all remained Clay County Strong.