Garrett Quinn reaching for two. Allen Hamrick photo.
Tristen Ramsey going to work in the paint. Allen Hamrick photo.

The Panthers ended their season with a loss against Lewis on Saturday night by the score of 36 – 55.

I will say this –  they lack nothing when it comes to fast paced action. They gave what the fans paid for.  They did, however, save one of the best games of the season for last.  Lewis County has a unique way of making the team they’re playing against get fired up and play beyond their normal style of play.  Lewis County has a high flying, fast paced, in your face style of basketball and at times look like the Harlem Globetrotters.  This kind of basketball makes any underdog team play that much harder.  It was a great game even if the Panthers lost the match up.  The Panthers scored just 36 points in the game as points were harder to get than a winning lottery ticket.  Mistakes in the game allowed Lewis County to run the score up.  Against a team like the them, you can’t make too many mistakes as it will come back to haunt you.  Some questionable technical calls against the Panthers led to some easy points for Lewis County.   Tristen Ramsey was the dead eye for the Panthers, racking up 14 points in the game.   He was the only one in double digits.  The Panthers were fun to watch this season as each game was played all out, no quarter given or taken.  The Panthers will return next season with a more seasoned team as they are young this season and will only get better.