Isacc Workman with the circus shot. Allen Hamrick photo

The Panthers ended their season with a loss against Hoover on Saturday night by the score of 36 – 66.

Thomas Haverty battles underneath. Allen Hamrick photo

The Panthers’ record may indicate to some that they’re not a good team, going 4-19 this season. I will say this, they lack nothing when it comes to fast-paced action. They gave what the fans paid for. They did, however, save one of the best games of the season for last.

This past week they went head to head against the Grizzlies of Nicholas County. The Grizzlies have a unique way of making the team they’re playing against get fired up and play beyond their normal style of play. The Grizzlies have a high flying, fast paced, in your face style of basketball and at times look like the Harlem Globetrotters.

This kind of basketball makes any underdog team play that much harder. It was a great game even if the Panthers lost the match up. It wasn’t for a lack of scoring, as the Panthers scored 82 points. Some late in the game mistakes allowed the Grizzlies to run the score up. Against a team like the Grizzlies, you can’t make too many mistakes as it will come back to haunt you. Some questionable technical calls against the Panthers led to some easy points for the Grizzlies. It was a great end of the season game; the Panthers beat them early on in the season at home.

Isaac Workman had a whopping 28 points to lead the Panthers in scoring followed close by Thomas Haverty with 24 points.