Mind Over Matter

By Betty Gandee

Photos by Kristy Belt.

Staff and community members participated in a healthy mind and body event this past week at Clay County High School.

The counselors put together this activity to help students make healthy choices and to provide them with activities to cope with stress and deal with everyday issues that they may face.

Many community members came out to support the efforts being put forth to help today’s youth in different ways.  Quincy Potasnik is one that you see offering her services to many different organizations through painting fundraisers.  This week she showed how you can paint to relieve stress and help students find positive ways to cope with their problems and make beautiful works of art in the process.

Several student-based programs throughout the school also put together activities to show fellow students’ ways to relive stress.  The Links program put together ways to help your overall mental health and offered information on ways to better yourselves daily. Susan Markle-Bodkins spent the afternoon teaching about DoTerra essential oils and how to use them. The students enjoyed this seminar, even saying it was one of their favorites of the day.

Dalton Sizemore and Colton Cutshall, youth board members of Clay Family Resource Network, but together a display on the deadly effects of tobacco use and gave out information on how to kick the habit and make healthy life choices.

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