Big Otter Dobbins A Team wins Youth Basketball Championship

Congratulations to the Big Otter Elementary School Dobbins A Team for winning the 4th-5th grade Clay County Youth Basketball League championship held at the High School on March 7.

This team was 8-2 in the regular season and finished in a three-way tie for first place.  They were undefeated in tournament play and beat Clay Elementary Taylor 20-17 in the championship game.  Special congratulations goes out to Luke Scarbro, voted by league coaches as the team’s Most Valuable Player, and to Lilian Hamrick and Seth Robinson, voted by the coaches for All- Tournament honors.

Players for Big Otter are fifth graders Ariel Dobbins, Nick Friend, Lilian Hamrick, Seth Robinson, Brody Scarbro, andLuke Scarbro, and fourth graders Lathan Brown, Zach Christian, Spencer Faulkner, Collin Lane and Phillip Rogers.  Coaches are Philip Dobbins, Dean Rogers and Adam Brown.  Congratulations on a job well done!

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