Your 2018 CWVAC Champions. Allen Hamrick photo.

In case you missed it, this past Thursday was one of the best football games ever played on the grid iron.

The Clay Middle School Mustangs went up against the Braxton Middle School Knights for the CWVAC Championship at the Nicholas County High School stadium. The teams seemed evenly matched, and it looked as though it would be a tight game. It had been since 2011 that the Mustangs had the gold championship trophy to grace the halls of Clay Middle, and this would hopefully be the team to get the job done.
The Mustangs looked serious as they came on the field – there was no smiles, no horse play, just business. The other side of the field was a different story with cheering, dancing, and ready to play ball.
The Mustangs drew first blood when Gene Sams caused some jaws to drop to the ground as he ran over the defense, getting a touchdown early in the game. He was harder to catch than a elephant with a mouse tied to its tail. The offensive line opened the holes, and he hit them accurately. Once down the field, he mowed over would be tacklers with quick moves.
Braxton got the ball and was on the move until the Mustang defense went to work causing a fumble. Jacob Morton picked it up and went to the bank, scoring the second touchdown of the game. The score stood at 14-0.
Early in the 1st quarter, the Knights got a second chance and there was no stopping them in that series. They scored and were on the board with the score at 14-7. That was the game for the Knights. It was an all out Mustang football game after that. There can’t be enough said about just how good the offense and defensive line for the Mustangs were. They opened holes for Gene Sams one could drive cattle through, and once he left the game late, they did the same for Noah Casto. From Charlie Cottrill down the line, they did a whale of a job stopping the runs and putting the pressure on the Knights’ quarterback. It takes the whole team on a field to get the job done and the unsung heroes in the trenches need a pat on the back.
Noah Casto took over the running of the ball after Gene Sams had to go out, and let’s just say if you need a fullback, look no further if you’re a scout. He can hurt you on offense or defense. Noah Collins, who took the Mustang helm all season and did a masterful job at quarterback, went out early in the game with a busted collar bone. BJ Williams took his place and did a good job in Noah’s stead. At the half, it was 22-7 Mustangs.
The third and fourth quarters were much of the same as the Mustang defense held their ground like a wall and the offense couldn’t be stopped. It was one of the best games ever played by the Mustangs, very few mistakes and opportunities were taken advantage of. When it was over, the Mustangs were CWVAC champions by the score of 40-7. This is one of the best teams to ever come out of CCMS, and they proved it by bringing back the trophy where it belongs, to the halls of CCMS.
Gene Sams, Jacob Morton, Matteo McKinney and Charlie Cottrell were named All Conference players. As a sports guy, it would have been easy to name others to that list, especially Noah Casto who was in every play whether he was blocking or running or tackling. Whoever names the players for the awards didn’t see the same game I saw.
Congratulations to the whole team, it took them all to be called champions once again. Congratulations also go out to Head Coach Scott Ramsey and his team of coaches who did a great job of getting these guys ready for this game. These guys never failed their players and it is evident. Congratulations once again to the CCMS Mustangs – CWVAC champions.