By Betty Gandee

A community sewing class led by Kim Thorne brought out participants of all skill levels. Photo by Tina Hall

Last December many community members came out for a baking tutorial held at H.E White Elementary.

They were welcomed with pans, mixing utensils, towels, and ingredients to make the always delicious school cinnamon rolls. Lunch was served by the cooks at the school and everyone in attendance was excited for the next community project in the making.

On Saturday, February 2, several ladies came out to try their hand at a sewing project.  Everyone was excited and ready to make a beautiful wall hanging designed by instructor Kim Thorne. Lunch was provided for the group before the class began. All supplies were ready and the ladies were ready to start.

Kim went through each step in detail and helped the group with their sewing skills. “It is a very good thing to do for everyone.  You get to interact people that live right around you that you’ve never meet. It’s really fun and we learn at the same time. I really enjoyed the class,” said Tammy Sizemore.

Instructor Kim Thorne has made many quilts and hand sewn projects. The skill level of each participant did not matter in this class, and there was a little of every level in attendance, and they all worked with each other.  More experienced crafters helped those who needed a hand and made some memories in the process.

This will be an ongoing community outreach project, so keep an eye on social media or school sites to see upcoming classes. These events are always free of charge and a guaranteed good time. Contact H.E. White Elementary for more information.