Main Street Fitness offers a wide variety of workout machines. Holly Nine photo
Pat Morris, owner/operator Main Street Fitness. Holly Nine photo

Do you like to work out? Do you like to keep in shape and have a place to go to keep up with that? Do you have a new year’s resolution to get in shape or do better? Main Street Fitness is the place for you to go.

It’s local and it doesn’t cost much and the best thing is that it is accessible to you whenever you want to work out. Main Street Fitness is located at 151 Main Street and is owned and operated by Pat Morris. There are many options available in the gym — free weights, cable machines, tread mills, leg presses and much more. Main Street Fitness is the only gym in the area, or even close by.

More equipment means a better workout! Holly Nine photo

Flexibility is key for Main Street Fitness. If you want to work out in the middle of the night, on a Sunday, or early in the morning, flexibility to work with your schedule is one of the great perks of working out at Main Street fitness — 24/7 key code access. The environment is very friendly and like previously mentioned, if you don’t feel comfortable working out with a bunch of people there, go when it is convenient for you. The evening time tends to be the most busy, about 4:30 to late evening.


If you want to give it a try, contact Pat Morris at 304-651-8354. Monthly fee is $20. Come out and support your local businesses and help Clay County grow!