Kindergarten through second grade division:
1st Place – Kennedy Adkins (2nd Grade)
2nd Place – Gunner Dobbins (1st Grade)
3rd Place – Katelyn Murphy (2nd Grade)
4th Place – Sophia Boggs (Kindergarten)
Third through fifth grade division:
1st Place – Ariel Dobbins (4th Grade)
2nd Place – Jacob Elkins (3rd Grade)
3rd Place – Lydia Shamblin (5th Grade)
4thPlace – Bryton Champ (4th Grade)

The third annual Literacy Fair was recently held at Big Otter Elementary School. Students created a display board and props based on a book they read.

It was a wonderful experience for students and their families. These student’s literacy boards will be on display at the Clay County Library beginning on March 6. Thank you to everyone who helped make this a huge success! The following students were the overall winners for their division. Congratulations!