By Debbie Burchett

Leaves falling
The mountains are calling
Come back they say
Calmness you can always claim
Sincere peace with each fallen leaf
With leaves that fall
There are blue-tailed lizards that crawl
Dragonflies may swarm
The sun keeps them warm. They do no harm
The crickets cry, still lightning bugs flicker and fly
Don’t you hear the mountains cry?!?
Come and feast on all the color
All the wonders they bestow
The good Lord watches us here below
Come to the porch and say hello
Come and sit for a spell or so
They swing is ready
The fire pit steady
Sparks flying
Soon our souls lift to heaven
The sky the bluest blue,
Even the grass puts on different hue
Get up and see the diamond of dew
Get up and shout “You hoo!”