Kacey Butcher looking for breathing room. Allen Hamrick photo.

The Lady Panthers took on the Lady Red Devils of Calhoun County last Tuesday night at the local Panther Coliseum. This game would notch the second win of the season for the Lady Panthers.  Maybe this will finally get the bugs out of their system and put wins on the boards.

The Lady Panthers never simply give in to the hype and took to the floor this evening  to get down to business.  The game started off as usual with neither team burring up the net in the first period, and scoring became a privilege not a right.  However, the Lady Panthers stepped up the defense and offense and looked like they raised from the dead.  Erica Boggs couldn’t seem to miss in the second period as the Lady Panthers went on a 22 point shooting spree.  The Lady Panther defense was just too much for the Lady Red Devils.  The Lady Panthers kept the heat up under the boards, getting the edge on rebounds and steals and kept the Lady Red Devils guessing. Marissa Williams and Kacey Butcher are a force to reckon with in their own right.  There isn’t much they can’t do on the perimeter, on defense or on offense, once they clear out the cob webs.  Their hands are quick as lightning, and just when you think you’re still dribbling the ball, they steal it and make plays.

In the fourth period, the offense took a powder and threw in the towel, scoring just nine points.  In the end, it was the Lady Panthers once again bringing the fire back to the game and defeating the Red Devils 56-46.  The Lady Panthers will be in action again on Dec. 28 with a rematch against the Lady Red Devils on their turf; it should be another barn burner. Get out and catch a game.