– Alyssa Deal gets the grab on this diving catch. Allen Hamrick photo.

The Lady Panthers went two for five this week as they began their season.  Richwood was their first game of the regular season, and the way the Lady Panthers played, it looked like they were going to be the ones to beat.

Alexis Williams was the first to take the hill for the Lady Panthers, and she was putting the hot sauce on her pitching. She allowed just seven hits and no runs in the game.  The Lady Panther defense went to work, and Richwood just couldn’t get past it.  The Lady Panther offense dominated the game, racking up three runs in the first inning, scattering three more in the rest of the game and winning by the score of 6-0 in the first game of the double header.  Tailynn Varney scored twice in the game and went 3-4 at the plate.

The second game was like watching a mouse fight a red tailed hawk.  The Lady Panthers dominated the game, scoring 12 runs with Richwood having to throw in the towel by the 5th inning.  Kyla Smith went to work on the mound for the Lady Panthers and fanned the first nine batters she faced with some wicked pitching.  After that, she gave them a early Christmas with some hits before closing the game out.  Katie Yoho scored three runs in the game to lead the scoring for the Lady Panthers.  Most of the Lady Panthers crossed home plate in the 7th inning, and in the end it was the Lady Panthers over the Lady Lumberjacks 12-2.

Then the moon changed phases and cold temperatures put a chill on their game.  Next up, the Lady Panthers faced the Lady Red Devils of Calhoun for a double header.  The Lady Panthers came out swinging for the fences and were racking up the points, scoring four runs in the first inning.  It looked as though life was good as Alexis Williams was taking care of business on the mound.  The Lady Red Devils soon got the hang of her pitching and started getting some hits.  Errors were the axe for the Lady Panthers as the Lady Red Devils played catch-up ball and did it well, winning the game 8-11.

The second game was no better as the Lady Panthers couldn’t get a bat on the ball, scoring just one run as the Lady Red Devils went on to win the game by the score of 1-14.  Gilmer came in for one game and blasted the Lady Panthers 0-10, and to end the week, Lewis County defeated them in both games of a double header.  Not sure what happened, but the Lady Panthers lost their mojo after that first win.

The season is a long one with plenty of games left.  The Lady Panthers will have just two home games left as construction for the new field will begin soon.  So, if it matters to you, come out and support the last two games that will ever be played on the old Bradley field.  On Tuesday night, the Lady Panthers will play Nicholas County, and on Wednesday night, they will play their final home game against Valley Fayette.  The Lady Panthers got a rough start but will get their opportunity to heal the wounds this week and get back on the winning track.  Go Lady Panthers.