By Betty Gandee

Between Clay and Clendenin there are not many options to keep young people entertained.  Without driving to Charleston or Summersville, options for an evening of safe fun are limited.  Michelle Parliac, owner of the Cupboard in Clendenin, decided to open her restaurant up on Friday evenings to allow young people to have a place to come socialize with their friends and have fun doing so.

The Cupboard opens its doors Fridays at 6 p.m. and the fun begins.  You can come take part in karaoke, socialize, and enjoy some great home cooked food all at the same time.  This allows kids to come into a safe, family friendly atmosphere were parents can rest assured they are being watched after while there.

When asking Emma Drake why she enjoyed going each week she said, “My group of friends have been three times and it is always really fun. The guy who does the karaoke cuts up and makes jokes and everyone seems to have a good time, it is super fun, and always packed.” These teens enjoy it because it is a safe place to and they can have fun goofing off with friends. Emma states that the people who come in are always friendly and compliment their singing and song choices.

You can visit The Cupboard for yourself on Friday evenings starting at 6 p.m. and enjoy some karaoke and good food.