by Betty Gandee

Deep in the coalfields covered in blood,

Lies a WV Officer dying in the mud.

16 weeks they trained real well,

Fought so hard not to ring that bell.

Fought to keep WV free,

For officers just like you and me.

With that badge pinned upon his chest,

Here to show America he’s one of the best.

Went to the scene but it was too late,

WV officer met his fate.

I held him to close and I looked him in the eye,

Plead fellow officer, please don’t die.

I called his wife and told her on the phone,

How her officer is never coming home.

Now he’s gone and everyone knows,

Through his veins was the blue blood flowin’

West Virginia Police Officer

From the time he was 12 years old, Jeremy Hayes knew the police life was for him.   A 2017 Clay County High School graduate and Clay County resident, Jeremy is the son of Cathy and Steven Hayes of Bomont WV.  Jeremy’s dreams were becoming reality when he was sworn into the WV State Police Academy on July 11, 2019.

Jeremy endured 16 weeks of “Para-Military” training, consisting of physical training every morning and evening, defensive tactics, fire arm training in handgun, rifle, and shotgun, and defensive driving scene evaluation/investigation, scene simulations (hands-on role play with different situations such as burglary, domestic calls, active shooter, etc.).

The training was physically and mentally demanding as students were pepper sprayed and exposed to tear gas along with enduring classroom sessions daily. The students had to pass with a grade of at least 75 percent.  There were 52 officers in this class with an overall GPA in the mid nineties, which according to the training officers, is unheard of, proving that this was an excellent class who pulled together in a short amount of time and bonded, to form life-long support group from all areas of the state.

Jeremy will be in orientation for two weeks with the Charleston Police Department and then will complete a 16-week probationary/training period with senior officers.