The 26th annual Hagar Grade School reunion was held Saturday, September 5, at the Bethel M. E. Church at Ovapa. Former classmates and friends met one more time to renew old friendships, reminisce over past days, and generally have a good time. Many were friends from childhood, went to Hagar School together and even graduated from Clay High School at the same time.
The womenfolk of the community, and others who bought covered dishes, prepared a delicious meal with abundant food. It was fellowship and laughter, with a few tears shed for those who have passed away. A lot of the older students were on canes or a wheel chair, but it was wonderful to get together one more time.
Our sincere thanks goes to Mrs. Frances White of Ovapa who always organizes the reunion, and works hard to have everything in place. We couldn’t have a reunion without her, especially since her husband Richard (Lip) passed away. We really appreciate her so much.
We don’t have the addresses of all the guests, but here are the names of those who attended:
Frances White of Ovapa, Dorma Walls of Reed Fork, Clyde Salyers of Reed Fork, Sylvia Summers of Ovapa, Linda (White) Boggs and Tawny Boggs of Rupert, Steve Summers, Mildred Summers of Ovapa, Keyota Jarvis of Maysel James (Windy) King of Ovapa, Harland Walls of Widen, Sarah Jackson, Jim Summers of Ovapa, Roy King, Sandy (White) Potasnik, Jerry Samples, George and Lorainne (Samples) Rose of Ovapa, Betty (McKown) Haynes and Hope (McKown) Slack of Scott Depot, Patsy Garrett, Mike and Peggy (White) Bragg and Chrissy Bragg and Donovan Craft and Dorian Bragg of Leon, Jack and Patty (Brown) King and Doris King Long of French Creek.
Others attending were Sarah (Donohue) Igo of Elkview, Mary Wills, Larry and Alice (Hamrick) O’Dell of Bomont, Kay (White) Smith and friend of Ovapa, David and Cheryl White.