By Betty Gandee

This month’s P.E. leaders of the month are as follows:
Kindergarten- Emma Taylor
1st Grade- Mariah Murdock
2nd Grade- John Leftwich
3rd Grade- Caiden Bryant
4th Grade- Zandar Quellette
5th Grade- Baylee Keenan
Photo by Rebecca Boggs.

H.E. White students have been participating in the “Walk Across America” P.E. program.

They are proud to announce that they have had another successful month of walking.  Coming up in sixth place was first grade with 51.2 miles walked.  Fifth place was Kindergarten walking 53.6 miles. Fourth place was the fifth grade with 90 miles walked.  The third place winners for the month with 95.2 miles walked was the second grade. Second place was awarded to third grade with 117.5 miles walked, and the first place victors for October was the fourth grade with an astonishing 119.5 miles walked.

These students work hard every month and walk lap after lap striving for their goal to walk across America.  They are proud to announce that they are almost half way across America and hope to walk not only across America, but across America and back before the end of the school year! Way to go H.E. White Pioneers! Keep up the good work and keep reaching for your goals.