By Betty Gandee

School started back a little over a month ago and it’s no surprise that H.E. White hit the ground running.  At the end of the 2017-18 school year, the students had a goal in mind to walk the across the entire United States and back.  They not only meet this goal, but surpassed it by almost doubling their walking.

With the success of this goal, P.E. Director Rebecca Boggs decided to change it up a bit and strive for more total miles.  For the 2019-20 school year, grades K-5th will be participating in the “Walk To China” challenge.  The students have made huge strides in only one month of walking, racking up 795.7 miles for the month of September.

The P.E. leaders for September are: K- Jaelyn Bullard, 1st– Zayla Ouellette, 2nd-Kilee Bullard, 3rd– Brody Taylor, 4th– Payton Smith, 5th– Javien Shaffer.

Students aren’t only striving in P.E. at H.E. White. There was some shinning students in the classroom as well for the month of September.  The Students of the Month for September are:  Pre K- Lily Henderson, K-Drew Sizemore, 1st– Kayla Ouellette, 2nd-Emma Belt, 3rd-Madison Kirby, 4th-Cheyenne Adkins, 5th– Cierra Kennan .

Lizemore Elementary had some stand out students that landed a spot of their own as Septembers Student of the Months and Character Students.

K- Character Student- Emmalyn Vanmeter: Student of the Month- Macy Moore

1st– Character Student-Israel Holcomb: Student of the Month-Emma Nine

2nd-Character Student- Addison Jones: Student of the Month- Marissa Atha

3rd– Character Student- Maddy Vanmeter: Student of the Month- Alex Holcom

4th– Character Student- Erin Bowe: Student of the Month-Brooklyn Morton

5th– Character Student- Matthew Woods: Student of the Month-Zoey Jones