By Betty Gandee

Student of the Month winners for September pictured in the front row are Grayson Caldwell, and Joshua Johnson-Rhodes, and in the back row are McKinley Mahan, Caitlyn Boggs, Mariah Murdock, Cheyenne Adkins, and Adriana Belt.
Little Readers pictured in the front row from left to right are Aiden Adkins, Mason Conley, Isabella Pauley, and Jaiden McCallister, and in the back row are Hannah Gandee, Martina McCallister, Chloe Mangus, Zayla Quellette-Capwell, and Rhilee Fields. Photo Tina Hall.

Great strides being made by students at H.E. White Elementary.

Physically and academically, students are succeeding at the little school in Bomont.  Over the summer of 2018, students in Pre-K through first grade  had the option to participate in a reading program where books were sent to them via mail to complete. There was a series of books that was sent to the children, and upon completion of each book, a new one would arrive. There were nine students from H.E. White who completed all books over the summer and received prizes for their hard work.  Tina Hall presented the students with Little Readers awards and is planning a special celebration in the near future.

In Physical Education, each class at H.E. White has been participating in a “Walk Across America” program.  Each class tires to walk the farthest for the month.  For the month of September, the kindergarten class was in sixth place.  They walked 82.2 miles for the month. In fifth place was 1st grade, walking 83.5 miles. Fourth place was 5th grade with 111 miles. Third place was 2nd grade with 113.6 miles. Second place was 3rd grade with 114.2 miles, and coming in with a whooping 139.2 miles walked, was the 1st place winning class for the month, 4th grade!  Congratulations to the school for a total of 643.7 miles walked!

The physical education leaders for September are:

K- Aiden Adkins, 1st grade- Isyck Bishop, 2nd grade- Hannah Gandee, 3rd grade- Cheyenne Adkins, 4th grade- Lindsey Leftwich, and 5th Grade- Christian Bryant.