What a statement.  God is love.

At the very core of His being God reveals that HE IS LOVE.  That may say many things to many people but the important thing is what is God saying about Himself.  My opinion may satisfy my curiosity and yours may be far removed from what I think.  Does it make any difference?  God will reveal and stand by what He declares about Himself.  He holds Himself accountable because He cannot lie and His very words have creative power.  God is a judge and as such must be very precise and accurate in what He says and thinks.

Love has many fingers of manifestation and that makes it very difficult to define.  It just doesn’t fit in a box.  One of the attributes is compassion.  God is a compassionate God.  His heart is filled with mercy and grace.  We could not survive without these elements of His love.  God is patient and longsuffering.  How fortunate we are.

Another aspect of God’s love is that He is very protective of His Word, His home (Heaven) and His plan for humanity.  We need to know that sin cannot abide in God’s presence.  God hates sin.  He loves the sinner and still He must hate sin itself.  Because God is protective of Heaven and because no sin can enter nor dwell there; God must be very firm and demanding of who will enter there.

Since man is a sinner since the Garden of Eden;  it would seem impossible for anyone to get to Heaven.  In the natural that is true but even though God is protecting His Heaven and no sin is permitted there;  God in His great and holy love has made a way through His Son Jesus Christ and the price Jesus paid on Calvary’s cross for our sin that we might be reconciled to God and the blood of Jesus, (when we accept His as our Lord and Savior) cleanses us of all sin and restores us to be children of God.

God knows that all of us have sinned because it was our very nature as the offspring of Adam at the Garden of Eden but in His unfathomable love has made a way of escape from eternity in Hell.  Hell is real and all those who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior will go there, forever.  There is only one alternative for Hell not claiming your soul and that alternative is found in  John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. You would need help (from the devil or someone who serves him) to not make the right choice.  Eternity lies in the balance.