by Betty Gandee

Every little girl dreams of being like a princess from time to time, from the dress, to the hair and the makeup, they could dance the evening away and live their very own fairytale. Kandy Dennison is taking these dreams and turning them into reality in Clay County.

Kandy set out on a mission to make these little girls feel special, beautiful, and dance the evening away like a true princess. She believes that every girl should feel special and beautiful from the inside out and has been wanting to put something like this together for a long time. Dennison says that this has been pulling on her heart strings to organize a formal dance for young girls, something to make them feel good about themselves and to add some positivity to their lives.

With that being said, the plans for the Winter Ball are in full swing. All girls in Clay County fifth grade and under, are invited to wear their finest dress and invite their adult hero/role model to a night of dinner and dancing.

You can reserve tickets for $25 per couple ($35.00 if there is more than one princess) and this price will include hair and makeup, a sit-down dinner and a photo capture their special night.  The hopes for this event is to give that special little girl a night to remember, where they can feel like a princess with that special dress and having hair and make-up done.

Tickets are limited and must be reserved by February 3,2020. Please Message Kandy Dennison or Cassie Boggs or Clarissa Hanshaw at 304-286-2991 for more information.