By Betty Gandee

The CAMC Heart and Soul award is a recognition program designed to identify and recognize employees who contribute to a culture of excellence at CAMC.  Janet Ferrebee of Clay County is the most recent recipient of the CAMC Heart and Soul Award.  After losing her own son to the disease of addiction, she now uses her story and struggles to help others understand and better care for addicted patients.  At a recent meeting that was recorded and sent out as part of CAMC’s weekly email communications, Ferrebee discussed her sons many hospitalizations and the impact felt by health care professionals. This video was then shared to increase awareness and compassion and reduce bias toward this patient population.

One former co-worker says, “This is a woman and nurse that everyone should aspire to be, that they don’t make them any better than this.” Going on to say that if there ever comes a time that her family needs nursing care, that she would be happy to see Janet caring for them.

Janet lost her son, Jeremy Ferrebee in March 2016 and hopes by sharing her story and her loss that something positive will come from the tragedy and that she can help make a difference.