The results are in! For the General Election held Nov. 6, the results for Clay County are as follows, and please note that these are only the totals for the COUNTY. The state winners vary in some positions from county winners.
U.S. Senator: Patrick Morrisey (R) won with 1,186 votes (49.07%).
U.S. House of Representatives: Alex X. Mooney (R) won with 1,363 votes (57.24%).
Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals (Division 1): Tim Armstead won with 765 votes (35.04%).
Justice of the Supreme Court of Appeals (Division 2): Jim Douglas won with 827 votes (37.95%).
State Senator (12th District): Waymond Cork II (R) won with 1,151 votes (51.36%).
House of Delegates (32nd District): Kayla Kessinger (R) won with 203 votes, along with Tom Fast (R) with 175 votes and Margaret Anne Staggers (D) with 159 votes.
House of Delegates (33rd District): Roger Hanshaw (R) won with 1,125 votes (55.97%).
County Commissioner: Connie Kinder (D) won with 1,255 votes (57.05%).
For the commission levy, 1,385 voted against the levy (60.61%), while 900 voted for the levy (39.39%).
For the fire and ambulance levy, 1,262 voted for the levy (55.35%), while 1,018 voted against the levy (44.65%).
On Amendment One, the no constitutional right to an abortion amendment, 1,298 voted for the amendment (58.05%), while 938 voted against the amendment (41.95%).
On Amendment Two, the judicial budget oversight amendment, 1,303 voted for the amendment (61.43%), while 818 voted against the amendment (38.57%).
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Statewide winners are located here: