By Betty Gandee

Across the state of West Virginia this past weekend, hundreds took part in the “Don’t Be the Dealer” campaign.  Local law enforcement agencies set up to provide a safe place for citizens to bring their unused prescriptions to be safely disposed of.

With nearly 48,000 deaths last year from overdoses involving opioids, law enforcement officials said that getting these unused drugs out of the homes can stop abuse before it begins, which then makes our communities safer.  These agencies urge each person to properly dispose of prescription medication to keep them out of the hands that misuse and abuse them.  If the community does its part and works together, it will make each hometown safer. The more that is confiscated at events like these, the less that is confiscated off the streets.

Many came out on the rainy Saturday morning in Clay to drop off such prescriptions at the courthouse.  Local police officers were there to assist in this campaign and want all to know that you don’t have to wait for events like these to get rid of these types of medications.  At any time you can take your unused medication to your local police department and they will properly discard of them for you.