Moses was leading a comfortable and noble life.

He was tending Jethros sheep and raising a family.  Life was good.  One day he saw  a strange site that drew his attention.  It was a burning bush that did not burn up.  As he approached this happening God spoke to him out of the bush with an assignment for him to do.  Moses resisted but finally consented to obey.

Sometimes we find ourselves settled in our comfort zone and feel blessed that it is so.  We, like Moses don’t want to change.  We are comfortable.  However, God has something else in mind for us.  We sense a prompting that may change our lives.  We, like Moses resist the change.  God is not punishing us, He is wanting to develop us to be what He called us to be.

If we remain in our comfort zone we may never achieve God’s purpose for our lives.  We may become spiritually stunted.  It may be a difficult challenge but one that is needed for us to come to the maturity God has planned for us.  He may send you to a church you don’t want to go to.  You like where you are.  It may be that that church needs you.  It may be that you need that church.  God knows.  You may have talent or ability that God wants to develop in you but He has to move you to another place for it to happen.  God may want to teach you some things or use you to help others.

When I came to Clay County in 1981 my wife and I were living in another state and praying for Clay County as we were both from here.  One night at work, about 4 o’clock in the morning God spoke to my heart and said only two words.  “You go.”  Like Moses I tried to argue with God and told Him how unqualified I was but He didn’t answer.  So, before the sun came up that morning I wrote and handed in my resignation giving my 2 weeks’ notice.  With no financial means of support, no job, no home to come to it was, for us a giant step of faith.  No denomination sent us, it was a step of faith believing God would take care of us.  God provided.  Even family members said we would starve.  At that time Clay County was the poorest county in West Virginia and West Virginia was the poorest state.  The world would call it a dumb move but nothing is dumb if God is directing your path.  The pasts 37 years have been full of challenges, frustrations, disappointments and heartaches.  But:  there has always been peace and joy and victories to more than balance things out.  I am not my own, I have been bought with a price (1 Cor. 6:20) .  Romans 12:1 is still in the Bible.  Ro 12:1 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.  God said in Heb. 11:6 that without faith it was impossible to please God.  James wrote that faith without works was dead.

God will never fail us if we faithfully do what He tells us to do.  A comfort zone can simply be a rut;  a grave with the ends knocked out.  Jesus loves you.