5th grade math field day winners left to right, Brody Scarbro, Lydia Shamblin, Shane Tracy, Luke Hill. Allen Hamrick photo.
4th grade math field day winners left to right, Ilyauna Evans, Zoey Jones, Jaylyn Holcomb, Seth Robinson. Allen Hamrick photo.

Over the past month, students from elementary, middle and high school, in grades 4 through 12, competed for the honor to represent their school and county at the Regional Math Field Day for Boone, Clay, Kanawha and Putnam counties on March 12, 2019, on the campus of the University of Charleston.

With a written test, mental math exercises, an estimation computation event and physical estimation questions, students showcased their math skills and earned bragging rights as the best math students that Clay County has to offer.

These boys and girls put a lot of thought and expertise on the table to bring home the trophy and to take math to the next level. Congratulations to them all! Fourth grade results are: 1st place Seth Robinson, Big Otter Elementary; 2nd place Jaylyn Holcomb, Lizemore Elementary; 3rd place Zoey Jones, Lizemore Elementary; and Alternate Ilyauna Evans, Lizemore Elementary.

Fifth grade results are: 1st place Luke Hill, Clay Elementary; 2nd place Shane Tracy, Lizemore Elementary; 3rd place Lydia Shamblin, Big Otter Elementary; and Alternate Brody Scarbro, Big Otter Elementary.

Clay Middle School results are: 6th grade, 1st place Ayden Brown, 2nd place Michael Murphy, 3rd place Everett Campbell, Alternate Anastasia Cash; 7th grade 1st place Isaac Brown, 2nd place Dylan McCumbers, 3rd place Laila Varney, Alternate Maddie Paxton; 8th grade 1st place Ethan Morris, 2nd place Trey Lindenthal, 3rd place Kirsten Woods, Alternate Gabby Jackson. Ninth grade students representing Clay County High School are: 1st place James “Monny” Holcomb, 2nd place Ava Taylor, 3rd place Curtis Litton, Alternate Matt Shelton. The 10th – 12th grade team is comprised of  Neil Wilkinson, Courtney Bevins, Jefferson Hymer, Emily Hays, Hunter Jones, Mike Willis, Tailynn Varney, Nathan Morton, Caitlin Belt and Corey Elswick. Best wishes to these students as they compete for regional honors. Go Math!