Sunday, the CCLL held the annual membership meeting and board elections. With 250 players enrolled, only 11 adults attended the meeting. Supporters say they are disappointed in the showing and had hoped that more would have been in attendance. Though numerous discrepancies in handling of last years championship game were addressed, the proverbial “hatchet” has been buried and all were in agreement that the tournament bracket and playing orders were to be predetermined and followed to strict measure in the coming season.
2014 Board Members are: President, Kelly Samples; VP, Greg Sizemore; Treasurer, Jamie Taylor; Secretary, Tabitha Sizemore; Player Agent: Judy Grose; Coaching Coordinator, Todd Samples; Concessions Manager, Kelly Samples; Information Officer, Amber Bass; Audit Committee, John Osbourne; Allison Haverty, Joe Dawson; Fundraising Coordinator, Tabitha Adkins and Safety Officer, Greg Sizemore.
Volunteers are needed to help keep the organization running. Involvement in the league by parents would ensure that their concerns and ideas are addressed. Participation is the key in a great league.