By Betty Gandee

A large group of students and community members, who go by the name of Deliciously Vivid, have come together to help beautify the town with new signage.

As you come into the town of Clay, the artwork from Deliciously Vivid can be seen all over.  Deliciously Vivid is a beautification project led by local community members, and this group is responsible for the recent paintings, trash pickups, and the upcoming free fall carnival.

These colorful masterpieces can be enjoyed by people passing by, and many have stopped to take photos at these interactive murals.  The goal for this group is to make Clay County be as great as it can be with all the resources available.

The sign project has been in the works for about two months, with the goal of working with students to take pride in their town.  The group believes these kids have done an amazing job, and they were ecstatic to spend the day working on a project that would be seen by everyone entering the town.

Deliciously Vivid wanted to express their gratitude to all the students that participated in this project and thank them for giving back to the community. The Clay County Bank sponsored both signs on either end of town.  They worked with Ms. Kelsey Flinn McFarland’s Ag Class to special order these signs at the high school.  The group could not be happier with the final project.  These students went above and beyond, providing several mock ups for the group to choose from, working very hard to make sure everything worked and looked perfect.

The students that helped were Jeremiah Brown, Jada Bostic, Aron Taylor, Michael Payne, Colby Grose, Daniel Triplet, Isaiah Keiffer, Levi Hamrick, Keaton Brown, Zachary Jarrett, Seth Moore, Blake Sontos, Shayna Bennett, Preston Malcolm, Caleb Burdette, Colon Cutshall, Riley Rush, and Rylee Rogers.