Clay County Bank donation to library
Clay County Bank president Greg Gency, Librarian Sheila Thorne and Library Board of Directors President Karen Nicholas

By Erica Kearns
Word of the Clay Library’s financial woes has spread quickly throughout the town. Funding from the county commission and the local board of education has been cut drastically, possibly forcing the library to close next summer. Fundraisers have been planned, donations have been requested and a local board has been organized to help prevent the closing from happening. As a local, thriving business, the Clay County Bank stepped up this week to support the only public library in the community. A $500.00 contribution was made to the library from the hometown bank in hopes reaching the goal of $53,000.00, which is the amount needed to keep the library open for the next year.
If you or your business is interested in making a donation to keep the library open, contact Roberta Faile at 587-2949. The library needs your help!