Lizemore students proudly pose outside the courthouse after participating in the decorating contest.
Lizemore Elementary won the annual Clay County Courthouse tree decorating contest with their festive Grinch themed tree.

By Betty Gandee

Each year students from all over the county make a trip to the Clay County Courthouse to participate in a Christmas tree decorating contest.  Each elementary school brings their best decorating ideas and get to work preparing their schools tree to be judged.

Big Otter, Clay, H.E. White, and Lizemore Elementary school students arrived at the courthouse on December 10 to try and win the 2019 bragging rights for the best tree.  Last year’s winner, H.E. White Elementary, gave up the title to Lizemore Elementary this year.

Lizemore’s Grinch tree was voted best decorated and will set in the main window at the courthouse this Christmas season.  Congratulations to Lizemore and a great job to all the schools who participated in this event.