Owen Bass hitting 16’ 9 inches. Allen Hamrick photo.

The CCHS track team took their act on the road twice this week.

First up was the LKC Challenge held at Roane County on Tuesday followed by the Hoover Invitational on Friday.  It was a Clay County event at the LKC Challenge. Roane County is home to several meets throughout the year.  It is a good place to work out the bugs in the pistons before the big invitationals. The boys took first place overall, and the girls placed second.  For the boys, they were first in the 4×400 meter relay, 4×800 meter relay and in the 110 meter shuttle hurdles.  Hunter Jones was first in the high jump as well as the 100 meter hurdles.  Earl Jarrett placed 2nd in the 100 meter, 3rd in the 200 meter and 2nd in the 400 meter. Tanner Faulkner was 3rd in the 400 meter and Garrett Quinn was 4th in the 400 meter and 2nd in the 300 meter hurdles.  Gabe Young took second in the discus.  Isaiah Spencer was 2nd in the 1600 meters.  It was the third win in a row for the boys’ team.

The girls placed first in the 4×200 meter, 4×400 meter, 4×800 meter, and in the shuttle hurdles.   Sharina Ratliff was 3rd in the 400 meter and the 800 meter.  Celina Humphrey was 2nd in the 1600 meter run and Salyndria Gill was 3rd. Gill was also 3rd in the 3200 meter.  Lexi Ramsey was 2nd in the 300 meter hurdles and Jaycee Collins was 3rd.  The girls were 2nd in the 4×100.

The LKC Challenge was a good event for both teams, but the Hoover Invitational would be their proving grounds as much of the competition was both AA and AAA schools.  It would prove to be a tough field and tough competition.  Overall, the boys placed 8th and the girls placed 13th which was quite well considering the level of athletes.  The boys were 3rd in the 4×400 meter and in the 4×800 meter.  Owen Bass is hitting 16 feet plus in the long jump and was just three feet shy of first place. Both the Lady Panthers and the Panthers track teams are a force when they are at full strength, making them difficult to beat.  In time, we will see if they stick it out and send even more to the states than last year. Go Panthers and Lady Panthers!

Tanner Faulkner and Garrett Quinn square off in the 400 meter. Allen Hamrick photo.
Riley Perkins kicking the afterburners in. Allen Hamrick photo.