Vice President Barry McCune explains to students the role of the bank’s Board of Directors.
Students listen inside the bank vault, as CCB Vice President Brett Stover explains the significance of safe deposit boxes

On Thursday, Nov. 29, students in the Clay Afterschool Program from Clay Middle visited Clay County Bank.

During their hour-long visit, students had the opportunity to tour the bank, visit each department, and learn about the different jobs in those departments. Along with the history of Clay County Bank, students learned about the important role of the bank in the community and the resources the bank provides for community members. Students and staff of the Clay Afterschool Program would like to thank Clay County Bank President Greg Gency for making the visit possible; Clay County Bank Vice Presidents Brett Stover and Barry McCune for being excellent tour guides and providing such useful information; and all the employees of Clay County Bank for allowing students to visit their offices and learn more about their jobs.