A cheery and chatty group of Clay Hi alumni met for lunch at Hardings Family Restaurant in Mink Shoals, June 8, 2016. Eighteen diners signed the attendance sheet: Gene and Joan McLaughlin, Inez Murphy Maggio, Marlene Cooper Potasnik, Hallie Chapman Walker, Sandra Chapman Claybrook, Mary King Lawrence, Eloise Boggs, Joyce Samples Dean, Henry Dean, Gary Grose, Christine Moore Beaver, Clifton “Deacon” Walker, Katy Walker, Frances Davis Sutton, Lolly Caruthers Rose, Norma Crawford Chapman and Nelson Spencer.  Two visitors were also present.
Initiated by Christine Moore Beaver and the late Genevieve Walker Boggs more than ten years ago, the alumni have met for lunch at Hardings twice each year, in June and September. Although the years have taken their toll of members, attendance remains good. Christine still makes arrangements and reminds by telephone. Predominating in attendance are alumni from the 1940s and 1950s, the “oldest” class represented this time being two from the class of 1941. We would love to fellowship with alumni from the later decades.  Contrary to all appearances at first glance, gray hair is not a requirement.
The September luncheon is always held on the Wednesday of Apple Festival week – this year, September 14 at noon.  Hardings is just off I-79, at Exit 1.