Students from H.E. White Elementary, who attended the afterschool program 30 or more days, were treated to a day filled with fun, beginning at the Clendenin Public Library.
Librarian Tammy Parker made sure there were plenty of activities for students, and even read a book aloud to students. (Completed projects by winners of the school’s recent Literacy Fair can be seen on display in the background.)

While it is important for purposes of retaining the 21st CCLC grants that as many students as possible reach the federally-defined status of “regular” attendee by participating in afterschool programming 30 or more days, it is more important that as many students as possible have access to the safe and nurturing environment provided by the Clay Afterschool Program.

What a difference a year makes! It is difficult to believe that the Clay Afterschool Program is nearing the end of its second year.  When making comparisons between the first and second years (from the beginning of the program through February 28), the numbers show just how much the program is growing.

Number of 30+ Day Attendees:

Clay Elementary: 20 attendees (2017-18) to 35 attendees (2018-19)

H.E. White Elementary: 29 attendees (2017-18) to 38 attendees (2018-19)

Clay Co. Middle: 4 attendees (2017-18) to 10attendees (2018-19)

Big Otter Elementary: 34 attendees (2017-18) to 37 attendees (2018-19)

Lizemore Elementary: 7 attendees (2017-18) to 12 attendees (2018-19)

Clay Co. High: 0 attendees (2017-18) to 2 attendees (2018-19)

Congratulations to Clay Elementary for having the most growth in regular attendees- 15!

Congratulations to H.E. White Elementary for again leading the county with the most 30+ day attendees!

Even more impressive is the number of students who have reached or exceeded the 60+ days of attendance so far this year. Last year, at this time, there were no students in any school who had attended 60 or more days.

Number of 60+ Day Attendees (2018-19):

Clay Elementary: 8

H.E. White Elementary: 7

Clay Co. Middle: 3

Big Otter Elementary: 19

Lizemore Elementary: 1

Congratulations to Big Otter Elementary for having the most 60+ day attendees in the county!

None of this would be possible without the hardworking afterschool staff at each of the schools.  They create learning environments that appeal to students’ interests and encourage them to attend the program.  Scroll down to see the fun students in the Clay Afterschool Program are having.