Skyler SattlerFour years in the Marine Corp and a tour in Afghanistan brought 22 year old Skyler Sattler back to his hometown with new life experiences, a new outlook, and new goals. Realizing the need for youth activities in the county, Skyler is taking action to change that. “I want to do things for my community and help the kids here.” said the veteran.
With an orchestrated plan, Skyler approached the County Commission on Wednesday and proposed the idea of turning the Widen Community Building into a recreation center for children in the area. Located in a rural community, the Widen Community Building is rarely used and sits empty most all of the time. With events like games and movies, Skyler is certain the youth of the county would benefit from such a place.
Full support was given from the Commissioners and once the legalities of the deal are complete, the transformation will begin. Watch future editions of the Free Press for updated progress of the project.