West Virginia livestock producers can still get up-to-date livestock sales prices, despite the shutdown of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) market reporting website because of the federal shutdown.
The Livestock Market News Report provides information on prices received. Information from livestock sales typically is collected and updated by WVDA employees on a near-daily basis and reported to USDA, which USDA then includes in a national market report. WVDA’s website usually links to USDA’s national report, but will now post its own report on West Virginia sales directly on its own website at wvagriculture.org/Division_Webpages/Market%20News.html.
“This is important information for our livestock producers that allows them to make informed decisions about the best time to market their animals based on the current state of the market. We want to make sure they have uninterrupted access to that data,” said Commissioner of Agriculture Walt Helmick.
This is a busy time of year for livestock auction markets, he added. Several sales are scheduled for the coming week, he said. For more information, contact WVDA’s Livestock Marketing Specialist Tracy Fitzsimmons at 304-558-2210.