By Amber Bass
TOLEDO, Ohio- A utilities official says a large sinkhole that swallowed a moving car and briefly trapped the driver cost a northwest Ohio city about $100,000.
Utility workers and contractors had to clean out broken sewer lines and fill the sinkhole that opened at a major intersection in Toledo in early July.

Kyrgyz Republic- A 15-year-old Kyrgyzstani herder has died of bubonic plague after being bitten by a flea – the first case of Black Death in the country for over 30 years.
In an effort to calm fears of an epidemic, an emergency quarantine zone has been set up to contain around 100 people who may have contracted the disease.

TULSA, Oklahoma- Kenneth Webster Enlow, 52, was sentenced to one year behind bars after he pleaded guilty to spying on a mother and her daughter from inside a septic tank.
Ambra Reynolds and her 7-year-old were using the park restroom, Tulsa World reports. The woman told sheriff’s deputies that she saw Enlow looking up at her after she first noticed the water under the toilet move, according to an arrest report.
Keystone Fire Department firefighters got Enlow out of the holding tank and cleaned him with a fire hose, the report says.In addition to his year-long sentence, Enlow must pay a $5,000 fine.

THONOTOSASSA, Fla – A Florida elementary school secretary said her phone has been ringing nonstop since an escort ad mistakenly used her phone number.
Nancy Caldwell, 60, a secretary at Thonotosassa Elementary School, said the calls and text messages began in July and one of the callers said her number had been listed in an escort ad on classified advertising site, the Tampa Bay (Fla.) Times reported Monday. “It’s very disruptive, but it’s very disturbing,” Caldwell said.
“I guess this poor Julia gal isn’t getting any business,” she said of the name given by the ad. T-Mobile initially told Caldwell it couldn’t change her number without a police report, but offered her a change when contacted by the Times. However, Caldwell said her number is listed with the district and changing it would be very inconvenient.

NEW HAVEN, Connecticut- An 81-year-old man who was lying in wait with a rifle for a pesky raccoon accidentally shot himself after sneezing and falling from a chair.
New Haven police say James Pace Sr. shot himself in the shin at his home Saturday night. The injury wasn’t life-threatening. Pace told authorities that a raccoon had been scratching at his back door for several days and he was waiting for it with a .22-caliber rifle. Police say he sneezed and fell from his chair, then realized he had accidentally shot himself.