mustang picThis is a story about true selflessness, recovery, victory and love. Ten years ago, Melinda Isaacs was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with her unborn child. The road was rocky and the trip was long but with the help of her family, friends and doctors Melinda battled the cancer and won. Melinda’s ten year anniversary of survival is this year. She is not only a warrior but a survivor.

Every step of Melinda’s journey was taken with three other individuals, her sister Loretta, her husband Kevin and her son Charlie. The three continue to walk for recovery, but now those steps are taken in “Walk for the Cure” events. During these events and most other days, Melinda can often be seen wearing breast cancer awareness gear as a symbol of her survival. Throughout the years, Melinda had always been mindful of the business community’s philanthropic efforts to further the Breast Cancer Awareness cause and had always been impressed by Ford Motor Company’s “Warriors in Pink Mustang”. Though preposterous to buy one and a dream to own one, the thought of having one of these Mustangs was always in the back of her mind.

With some planning and logistical help from friend Randy Cantrell, Melinda’s sister Loretta made this a dream come true. In honor of her ten year cancer free anniversary, Melinda was surprised with a 2008 Ford “Warriors in Pink Mustang” of her very own. A well planned venture led Melinda and her family to the All N1 Body Shop in Gassaway where her son Charlie spoke the words “Happy Anniversary” and handed her a key chain. Awaiting Melinda was a beautiful white car, complete with pink stitching on the black seats and steering wheel waiting inside for her. It was a Warrior just like her. Selflessly and lovingly, Loretta had worked hard to keep the gift a surprise while having it shipped from Washington State to All N1 for detailing. The best gift that day was not the car, but the love Loretta showed by giving so selflessly.