By Lacie Pierson

Two longtime volunteers for the Clay County Golden Delicious Apple Festival have stepped down from the festival’s board of directors.

Don Jarvis and Terri Allen resigned from the festival board earlier this month, but both said they will be available to provide support for the festival in the future.

The search to fill the two vacancies on the festival board began during the February meeting of the festival board at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 4, in the Lions Club Building in Clay, and the meeting was open to the public.

Jarvis, who served as the board president, volunteered for the festival for more than 30 years.

“I just have too much stuff in the fire,” Jarvis said. “It took me two or three weeks to recover after the last festival, and I just can’t put up the 18- and 19-hour days anymore.”

Jarvis said he still will be involved with the festival staging, noting he is responsible for much of the actual stage equipment that is set up in front of the Clay County Courthouse during the festival.

He said he would not hesitate to answer any questions or otherwise support those who remain involved in the festival.

“Whoever takes it over to run it, I would answer any questions they have,” Jarvis said. “All they have to do is catch me.”

Allen similarly said she would be available to support anyone who needs her help, but she said she wanted to spend more time with her family and focus on her personal life.

“When I first got involved I wanted to help plan a gospel sing,” Allen said. “When I showed up, each person took a role, and I took on the role of planning the music. Because there is such a great need to plan the event, I got involved in more and more planning of the event as the years went by.”

Allen said she will remember her experience fondly, and she said she hadn’t ruled out getting involved with it again in the future.

“It’s just been rewarding to give back to the community,” Allen said. “Over the years, I have enjoyed working with all the board members, officers, volunteers and sponsors. Together we have worked to promote Clay County, share its history and grow our festival to be one of the best events in the State of West Virginia.”

The Clay County Golden Delicious Festival will take place from Thursday, Sept. 18, to Sunday, Sept. 21, in Clay, WV.

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