By Shanna Paige

Ten year old Payton McKenzie-Bea Thomas, tomboy at heart, was tragically shot late Sunday December 22, 2013. She died early Monday morning at Charleston General Hospital. She had been spending the night with her 9 year old friend. The children were at his grandparent’s home on Pentacre Road where they had secretly taken the 410 shot gun out of the home. The children were goofing off walking down the road when the gun had misfired. Payton was walking behind her friend where she was accidentally shot in the arm and chest area. The bullets in the chest traveled throughout her small body. She had damage to her lungs, spleen and liver. The damage was so severe; she could not survive the incident.

We have all heard the saying kids will be kids; we have all done things our parents have told us not to do. Unfortunately a little boy and two families have to live with the consequence of kids being kids. Our hearts and prayers go out to both families. Funeral services for Payton were held on Monday at Bartlett-Chapman Funeral home.