If you are a child of God then you in some capacity are in the ministry of Jesus Christ. He told every who followed Him to share the good news of the Gospel. God did not call you to do what you could not do.

He did not call you to be a different person than you are. He called you to be all that you can be through Him. Without Him you would fail because it is a spiritual journey that you are part of. He placed inside you what you need to succeed. Primarily it is to bring Him glory by demonstrating the truth of His word in your life. Walking in love: walking in forgiveness: walking in the joy of the Lord and knowing His peace is part of it.

He made available to you His mercy and His grace. He blessed you with His Word and filled it with promises to help you along your way. As in your salvation: He provided the grace through Jesus Christ and only asked you to believe and receive what He provided.

There is another element of ministry contained in the book of Ephesians. It sets forth the special ministries of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher. These are special calls and anointings.  Not everyone is called to walk in these callings. The Lord called me to be a teacher in 1978. He did not release me to walk in this ministry until 1981. During that period He called me aside to grow, learn and study. Even today it is a step by step adventure as it was then.

The Apostle Paul never quit growing and coming to the fullness of his calling until he finished his journey and went to be with the Lord.

God knows you abilities and your inabilities. When He impresses on you to do something you feel you are incapable of; He expects you to depend on Him and exercise your faith that through Him you can prevail. If you feel you didn’t accomplish what He asked you to do just believe.  The fruit may come later.  Just do your part and God will do the rest. It all begins with faith and that faith must be undergirded by knowledge. I am not speaking of natural knowledge but that which pertains to the spirit. God’s Word is spiritually discerned and not intellectually acquired. Facts change but truth is constant and never changes. Trust God and be blessed.